We Believe...

•    WORSHIP is sincere passion for the Lord displayed thru prayer, music, praise and


•    EVANGELISM  is obedience to the command of going into all the world and being
      compelled to share the love of Christ thru lifestyle and various intentional efforts.


•    FELLOWSHIP   is an inclusive environment directed at building relationships that
      unite us together in Christ.


•    DISCIPLESHIP is the ongoing process of individuals becoming Christ-like through
      the teaching, mentoring and nurturing of God’s Word and principles. 
      Know – Grow – Go…


•    GIFT-ORIENTED MINISTRY  is developing and using your God-given talents, 
      ability and time to serve Him and others wholeheartedly and with excellence.

Our 16 Tennets of Faith
  •  The Bible is the Inspired Word of God
  •  The Trinity – One True God
  •  The Deity of Jesus
  •  The Fall of Humanity
  •  The Salvation of Humanity
  •  The Ordinances of the Church: Communion and Baptism in Water
  •  The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  •  The Initial Physical Evidence of the   Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  •  The Sanctification of the Believer
  •  The Church and its Mission
  •  The Ministry
  •  Healing of the Sick
  •  The Blessed Hope
  •  The Millennial Reign of Christ
  •  The Final Judgment
  • The New Heavens and New Earth                                                                                                                         ​                                                                
These foundational proclamations of truth are based on the eternal, inerrant Word of God.
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